Web Design Services

Web Design is our main service and it is the first item in the online marketing starter pack. There is a package for everyone. Choose one of the pricing models and get a premium service that will jump start your online marketing campaing

What we need from you?

  • Content: To launch your website efficiently we need all the text content for any new pages on the site within two weeks
  • Logos/Other Graphics: High quality graphics in either .svg, .jpg, or .png.
  • Images: High quality images are a very important element to a beautiful site. If you don’t have any pictures, we can recommend optional stock photos.
  • Sitemap: A clear outline of which pages will be included on the site
  • Contact Forms: Additional information you need to collect on your forms beyond name, email, and phone.
  • Existing Logins: If we are using an existing domain, we need to have your login credentials prior to starting.
  • Design Inspiration: Examples of the look and feel of the website you want to achieve and a drawing of the homepage layout you want to achieve. We can work with you to identify these if you need assistance.

What is not included?

  • Content Creation: Clients are responsible for providing the content that goes on the site. Our developers rely on completed content to put into the site and do not write new content.
  • Graphic Design: Websites do not come with graphic design work included. If you would like logos or any other design projects, these are priced separately through our graphic design team.
  • Email: Email services and hosting are not provided in website plans. We will set up the website forms to forward to an existing email account of yours. Email hosting is available for an additional cost.
  • SEO: All sites include SEO Consulting (depending on package size). Though built with SEO best practices in mind, Business Websites do not have any ongoing SEO work included.

Not interested in packages?

Hire our web specialists for as low as $45 / hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a domain I already have?

Yes, we prefer that we use your existing domain. We will need the login information for your domain provider in order to move the site to our hosting. If you need a domain name or business name we can help you get going.

Will this replace my existing site?

Yes it is better to replace your existing site.

Do monthly updates roll over?

No, monthly updates do not rollover if unused. However if you need addition monthly updates, changes or consultation services you can hire our web specialist for $45 / hour.

Do I own the site?

You will own the site once you fulfill the term agreement.

What is the monthly commitment for the website?

There is an initial 6 month commitment which renews month-to-month until terminated.

If my website gets a lot of visitors, are there upgraded hosting packages available?

Yes, we offer several hosting packages that address specific speed and visitor targets you would like to achieve. Our common/basic hosting is set to withstand around 100,000 visitors which is a lot more than the usual number of visitors 95% of business websites get.

Who makes changes to my site as they are needed?

Each package includes a different number of content updates per month. Outside of that, you and your team have access to edit any content across your site, add new pages, change images, etc. If you require more than the included monthly updates our hourly rate for web development applies.

Does the website come with an email?

It all depends on the package you choose. Most packages include email within our hosting plarform. We always recommend for businesses to use an email with their domain name. It looks professional and trustworthy.

What is the turnaround time?

We’ll launch your website in weeks, not months. Once we have all of your content our web marketing management team’s turnaround time is very short. If you’re not able to send us your content within two weeks, don’t worry. We’ll launch the site with what we have and then will make whatever monthly updates you would like us to.

Do you do custom development?

No, we use third party tools, themes, plugins and services. Everything is licenced and well put together to provide you with the premium service you deserve. However, we can replicate almost any design feature you want or you can choose one of our pre-made layouts.

Can SEO be done to these sites?

Yes! All sites come with SEO functionality built in. Also, each site will include at least 1 hour of SEO Consulting. This can include redirect setup, Keyword Research, Titles and Descriptions design for your new site.

Which platform do you use?

WordPress is our CMS of choice. WordPress has been building its name for many years and now it takes around 30% of all websites which makes it the single most used content management system on the internet. 

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